Friday, May 8, 2009

it's about time!

I thought that changing job would give me all the time to blog, keep my journal on line, do facebook and even learn how to text message but I was wrong. It is now May and the last time I updated my blog was February. I was once told that a prophesy is define as history in reverse. So may be I should try a little prophesy. Here is the latest. Today Isi, Isa, Alii and Robby had not school so they came over and spent the night last night and to day I had the honor of watching them in the morning while grandma and Abi went to work. We took them to watch the Elementary May day at the Cannon Activity Center. It was very exciting to see the kids pay attention to the cultural presentations from different culture including some hip-hop and moutown stuff.

Ruth and I have been called to team teach course 16 and 17 in the sunday achool at our new ward laie 7th ward. it has been a rewarding experience to teach pure doctrine together. We are learning muchmore than the youth we are teaching. our course of study this year is the Doctrine and Covenant which happen to be the course I am teaching this spring term. this was the first time I have taught D&C and Church history. I really enjoy learning the Doctrine and Covenants and revelations given to guide us in this last dispensation of the fullness of the Gospel.

I am teaching three courses this spring and I will be off from June 5 to September 7th. We hope to be going to Scottland in August with Grandpa Anderson to check out his ancestors. We are a little reluctant because of the recent outbrake of the swine flu. It was funny that all along i had thought that it was the swan flu because it was similar to the bird flu. Last week we attended our annual spring fling at the PCC and it was somewhat funny that people were little scared to eat the kalua pig for fear of the swine flu.

The Winter semester was a blast for me as I complete my second semester of full time religion teaching. The longer I am doing this work the more sure I am that the Lord has put me inthis position now in mylife to fulfill what a Patriarch declared some 4o years. It is an awsome opportunity with equally awsome responsibility to instill the Gospel of Jesus Christ int he minds of the precious youth and chosen generation in these days. Every day day I feel very ill prepared, never feelinig I have prepared sufficiently even when I have done everything in my power to prepare including the personal subblication for the spirit to use me.

We continue to pray and look out for little Lily Ruth and we are happy that Joel and Meilani had finally moved in to their home to keep it stablized for the benefit of their little family especially with Lily Ruth condition. However, we will miss Joel's monthly visit to Hawaii. We are thrilled to hear about liana's outstanding award in her work. She is naturally a special nurse. We are in total support of her desire to go back to school to be a Physician's Assistant. We are also very happy about Major Robert J. Kongaika's recent promorion in his work and the many opportunities he would be having to help plan miitary operations in our area to help keep us all safe and value the liberty where with God has given us. We look forward for Jake's visit with his little family next week to perform at the university performance series. We can not ask for a better reward as parents and grand prantes than to see your children grow into their agency and become accountable for themselves. I hope and pray to this end our children will feel thsame way towards our grand children. (doctrine & Covenants section 29)