Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My mind has been occupied with this principle of obedient today. perhaps it because I have learned that the only sure way to be firm and steadfast and never fall away and follow the adversary is simply obeying His commandments as well as those that His servants the prophets, Seers and Revelators on earth are reminding us. the more I think about it and study His words the more I understand that it is by obedient that we have more light and truth which grow and grow until our whole body is filled with the light that illuminates from the Son. It is light and truth that forsake the evil one because there is no room for darkness when we are occupied by the Light. This is so simple a principle to understand but so difficult to keep because the evil one knows that if we do it he will never get us out of line. In the mission field we so many rules to obey and I was once told it is to keep us above temptation.

I have noticed that from time to time I received a prompting to do something and than I find myself justifying why should I do it and usually ended up not responding to the prompting. This is a form of disobedient that I have noticed I need to make some changes otherwise I will soon be past feeling and eventually not feel the light that the holy ghost is trying so hard to fill me with. Last night I had such a prompting to obey the prophets in strengthening our family by holding family Home Evening on Monday evening. Well, I justified it by saying there is only the two of us and we do not have any of our children at home so we do not need to to strengthen our family. Well I woke up this morning feeling so dark that I had not been obedient to the Spirit. I immediately approach my sweetheart Ruth and asked her how she feel if we were to hold weekly family home evening and she said we should and suggested that we can take this time to study our up coming Sunday school lesson and Priesthood and Relief Society lesson. I though that was brilliant so we are taking time this week before Sunday to begin this ritual to bind us together and to strengthen our marriage. I am sure that we will grow to be more Loving and understanding of each other and of those around us because we have decided to obey.

I also learned today that we can be strengthen and become one if we do more good stuff together and perhaps not be afraid of doing challenging and difficult things. Ruth have been looking all over the house for copies of our Patriarchal Blessing and she was getting so frustrated but she would not give up. It was difficult and challenging because physically we had to look under the beds, in closets and in boxes that were stored in far reaching places. I decided to finish cooking and help her with this search. After a couple of hours we still could not find it but we were able to bind ourselves to a united cause. In the process we clean up and threw out so much chunk that we were actually feel we have accomplished some thing together. So don't be afraid to do what your heart is telling you to do and do a lot of good stuff together and finally take some challenge and not be satisfied with the easy little menial things that will pore you to death. Be happy!


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