Monday, February 16, 2009

What's up?

Malo e tau ma'u 'a e tau fo'ou ni! (Wishing you all a happy new year)

I need to update you all on what happening with Ruth and I. We are having a blast getting to know each other without any one at home. We are really empty nested and for the first time we have not one living with us and so we are learning to see each other as one and striving to live a covenant marriage or a covenant heart. While Ruth enjoys her square-foot gardening, I am enjoying farming just across fence. I am trying to get us a food storage supply of tropical food that we can live on such as Talo, Siaine, Kumala, Manioke, Hina, Koane and Lesi. Getting close to the earth is really a therapy for me. I can meditade while I am weeding or planting.

I thoroughly enjoy my teaching assignments. I current teach 5 religion courses. I should be up to 6 courses by fall 2009. These course are Book of Mormon part 2, Missionary Preparation, Introduction to LDS for non-LDS students only, Building Eternal Family, and in spring I will be teaching Church History (D&C). I always knew that my passion was in teaching the youth of the church. I am so grateful for BYUH for allowing me to fulfill this portion of my Patriachel Blessing. Ruth and I are also team teaching the sunday school course 16-17 in our ward. It is so much fun to do it together.

Today we had a wonderful time with Robert and Abi and their 4 children. They came and spent the night withus and than go swimming in the afternoon. Robert helped me this morning planting 25 kumala mount. We enticipate a good harvest in August.

Jim and Linda Smith also came to visit. They are visitng hawaii to play golf with his borther Steve. It is so funny that they live close to each other in Utah but they have to come to Hawaii to play gold because they can't do it in the snow and Steve is so busy during the smmer and this was the best time. Lucky we stay Hawaii! We also got to see some of baby Lily-Ruth's baby blessing pictures.

Please choose to be Happy even if there is nothing to be happy about! Cheers


At February 26, 2009 at 2:10 AM , Blogger Rob said...


It sure was fun to spend the night over at your place. Hope we didn't get you guys too tired. It was great to be able to relax in Laie after weeks of hard work leading up to our big inspection. Everytime we come Laie, I am reminded we live Hawaii. Just don't get that feeling on the other side of the island with all the hustle and bustle and traffic!

Thanks for allowing me to join in the planting of the Kumala, It brought back some great memories of Tonga and working on our Uta I Kahoua after school. I will always be gratefull for the lessons you taught me about the value of hard work and how you continue to set that great example for me even today in undertaking the uta i Laie.

Hope to be able to get some time to come and work on it some more. 'ofa lahi atu!


At April 4, 2009 at 5:49 PM , Blogger Liana said...

We sure miss you guys. Fun to see you updating your blog. Can you put up some pictures of your farm labors? Would love to see all the fruits of your labors! Love you.



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